Blazing Saddles

USA 1974, 93 mins
Director: Mel Brooks

Richard Pryor co-wrote this Mel Brooks classic and was originally meant to star in it, but unfortunately he was uninsurable at the time of shooting. One of Brooks’ bawdiest spoofs sees a corrupt Old West politician hire the urbane Black Bart to be the first Black sheriff of Rock Ridge in an attempt to sow chaos and make way for the town’s destruction.

One of the all-time great comedies and the signature work of serial lampooner Mel Brooks, Blazing Saddles gleefully takes a torch to the Hollywood traditions of the Wild West. Gene Wilder stars as the washed-up Waco Kid who befriends the besieged sheriff of Rock Ridge, a black convict (Cleavon Little) conspiratorially installed to enrage the local townfolk.

The unhindered anarchism of Brooks’ assault on movie conventions and decorum (including the infamous campfire farting scene) is as fresh and pointed today as it was on first release. And amid the perpetual hilarity Blazing Saddles is also a fearless and outrageous denunciation of racism and a fourth-wall-breaking deconstruction of Hollywood mythmaking.

This was Brooks’s big breakout success and a film that became legendary among a whole generation of people who would never look at a plate of beans in the same way again. With immense affection, if not self-discipline, Brooks parodies the clichés of 70 years of westerns while throwing in as many sight gags and one-liners as he can possibly fit into 90 minutes. Eventually, the action spills over into the studio lot itself which allows him to include some Nazis and a self-referential happy ending. Some critics dislike this finale but I just couldn’t do without the scenes with choreographer Buddy Bizarre rehearsing a dance number called ‘The French Mistake’.

In the midst of such craziness, Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder deserve medals for playing it straight as the black sheriff and his gunfighter pal and they add a touch of sincerity which makes their friendship genuinely touching. Meanwhile, a genuine western star, Slim Pickens, joins in the fun by sending himself up something rotten.

Watch it for… the one-liners you missed when you watched it last time – ‘They lose me after the bunker scene’ and ‘I’m parked by the commissary’ will do for a start.

What the critics say
‘God darned if the whole fool enterprise is not worth the attention of any moviegoer with a penchant for what one actor, commenting on another’s Gabby Hayes imitation, calls “authentic western gibberish”.’ Richard Schickel, Time Magazine
Mike Sutton, bfi.org.uk, 22 October 2018

Director: Mel Brooks
Production Companies: Crossbow Productions, Warner Bros.
Producer: Michael Hertzberg
Production Manager: William P. Owens
Assistant Director: John C. Chulay
Screenplay: Mel Brooks, Norman Steinberg, Andrew Bergman, Richard Pryor, Alan Uger
Original Story: Andrew Bergman
Director of Photography: Joseph Biroc
Special Effects: Douglas Pettibone
Editors: John C. Howard, Danford B. Greene
Production Designer: Peter Wooley
Set Decorator: Morris Hoffman
Costume Designer: Nino Novarese
Title Design: Anthony Goldschmidt
Music Composed and Conducted by: John Morris
Orchestrations: Jonathan Tunick, John Morris Choreography: Alan Johnson
Sound Recording: Gene Cantamessa
Sound Re-recording: Arthur Piantadosi, Dick Tyler, Les Fresholtz

Cleavon Little (Bart)
Gene Wilder (Jim, ‘The Waco Kid’)
Slim Pickens (Taggart)
Harvey Korman (Hedley Lamarr)
Madeline Kahn (Lili von Shtupp)
Mel Brooks (Governor William J. Lepetomane/Indian chief)
Burton Gilliam (Lyle)
Alex Karras (Mongo)
David Huddleston (Olson Johnson)
Liam Dunn (Reverend Johnson)
John Hillerman (Howard Johnson)
George Furth (Van Johnson)
Claude Ennis Starrett Jr (Gabby Johnson)
Carol Arthur (Harriett Johnson)
Richard Collier (Dr Sam Johnson)
Charles McGregor (Charlie)
Robyn Hilton (Miss Stein)
Don Megowan (gum chewer)
Dom DeLuise (Buddy Bizarre)
Count Basie (himself)
Karl Lucas (cutthroat 1)
Anne Bancroft (woman in church congregation) *
Robert Ridgely (Boris, executioner) *
Peter Dunn *
John Collins *

USA 1974
93 mins

* Uncredited

Please note: racist language and attitudes pervade the film.

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