UK Premiere
Approaching Shadows

UK 2021, 84 mins
Directors: TAPE Community Film and Music

+ Panel discussion by TAPE Community Music and Film

Approaching Shadows: The 2nd feature film from TAPE Community Music and Film
During their golden wedding weekend away, Edward and Violet Knights are brutally separated, triggering a wife’s desperate pursuit of her abducted husband, through an increasingly frightening and unfamiliar world.

Approaching Shadows sets up as both a road movie and an uncompromising horror movie to deliver a story about the effect of powerful and unforeseen loss. Edward’s attackers are a cancer, a heart attack, a terminal illness, and they wrench him violently from the side of his life partner and dump him into a painful and prolonged demise. Vi’s pursuit is the unwillingness to accept the situation and the heartfelt belief that there must be something she can do, even though the rest of the world, including us as viewers, can see the inevitability of what is really happening. The film details the final chapter in a tale of true love.

The script for the film was submitted into the collective production process which we have been developing at TAPE over the past few years. It is consistently clear that this process brings a valuable alternative production model and that TAPE is highly skilled at working in a person-centred way and in encouraging and supporting involvement.

The outcomes we’ve seen through making Approaching Shadows are many and all the more significant when set alongside the finished movie and the new ground we’ve broken during the production. It is something of which we are hugely proud and excited to share.

As an inclusive arts charity, routes to involvement in a TAPE project spread across communities. Cast and crew have been drawn in through existing TAPE networks, project participants, open calls, links to partner organisations and referrals. No-one was turned away and opportunities were found for anyone who wanted to take part in any aspect of the production.

Pre-production, shooting and post-production are always collaborative, project driven and inclusive. Creative ideas and input have been welcomed and supported at every stage and in every area of the work. Through over 13 years of delivering projects in this way, the TAPE team has become expert in nurturing spaces in which working as a creative collective is hugely successful. The positive outcomes are many, varied and often significant.

Approaching Shadows has been made by a community of people, supporting each other to take part, develop ideas and gain valuable, social, creative and vocational experiences whilst making an engaging, entertaining and original feature film. You can read more about this through our production blog on the TAPE website, which features testimonials from some of those involved.

For this film, TAPE has developed its inclusive production model further still by, amongst other things, taking the edit process on tour, into community spaces for free drop-in sessions in which people can engage with the film and play an active part in the production.

The TAPE Production Model
Since 2008 and, principally, through the production of its first film, British Winters; TAPE has pioneered a non-hierarchical production model which promotes inclusion and opportunity for all. This collective approach is unique in both its focus and in long-term, meaningful opportunity generation.

TAPE’s model of inclusive feature film production has been noted by industry leaders as a progressive alternative which demonstrably works and addresses commonly identified difficulties around inclusion and diversity. TAPE is breaking new ground in developing this alternate model, following on from the success of British Winters through the work which has taken place on Approaching Shadows, short film, Containing Safety and the planned third feature, Below the Waves.

TAPE also supports involvement and opportunities for creative professionals alongside those looking to develop creative interests and careers. Increasingly, TAPE is being approached by graduates and others looking to stay in the local area and develop portfolios, improve skills and find employment without having to move away. This is supported by Conwy County Council’s Economic Strategy which aims to reduce outward migration of young talent and increase infrastructure that enables growth in the county, with a focus on creative and digital sectors. It is further underpinned by core aims contained within the BFI 2022 strategy and Welsh Government’s focus on the upscaling of creative sector opportunities across Wales.

Since 2008, TAPE has delivered hundreds of projects, workshops and events which have engaged and supported over 25,000 people throughout Wales and the UK. This work has seen TAPE secure and manage over £2million of funding and create over 100 full, part-time and freelance positions alongside providing thousands of hours of progressive volunteering for young people and adults across Welsh communities. TAPE’s work has helped significant numbers of people to move out of isolated circumstances, find friends, build confidence and skills, move off benefits, enter further and higher education and training, and find employment. TAPE’s work has also impacted on the landscape of support in the local area, bringing person-centred and inclusive practices into sharper focus and positively promoting co-production and the furthering of the social enterprise agenda.

Rooted in the Social Model, TAPE’s core aim has been the same since its formation in 2008; creative opportunities for all. This ethos remains at the heart of everything TAPE does and has seen the charity become the benchmark for inclusive, person-led, responsive, creative opportunities in North Wales.


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