Illuminating the Wilderness

+ discussion with artists and makers from Project Art Works

Illuminating the Wilderness offers a window onto the experiences of a group of neurodiverse artists, filmmakers, families and carers as they explore Glen Affric in the Scottish Highlands. Artists Ben Rivers and Margaret Salmon join the journey, which charts the pleasures and challenges of neurodiverse responses to the landscape with humour and tenderness.

Our post-screening discussion will consider perceptions of ‘wilderness’, experimental form and cultural inclusion. Screening with short films from Project Art Works. Nominated for both The Jarman Award 2020 and The Turner Prize 2021, Project Art Works is a collective who work to increase representation of neuro-minorities in art and culture.

We have produced a booklet about Illuminating the Wilderness which gives a transcript and more information about the making of the film. You can download here.

Illuminating the Wilderness
Directors: Kate Adams, Tim Corrigan
UK 2019
40 mins

No Church in the Wild
UK 2015
7 mins

UK 2016
2 mins


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Relaxed screenings
Relaxed screenings are presented each month for those in the neurodiverse community, their assistants and carers.

  • Customers can select their seats when they arrive in the auditorium. You may sit with your family/friendship group or there are some single seats if you prefer.
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