Experimenta Mixtape
Secret Santa Edition

W: Hi everybody, we hope you enjoyed the Experimenta Mixtape Secret Santa edition. Kristina and I have put together a whole load of different material which of course you’ve just seen. So today you saw, some of you saw, as you arrived, some opening music, which, um, I haven’t got written down directly in front of me. Can you remember what it was, Kristina?

K: Um, you were listening to Silvia Tarozzi and Deborah Walker playing L’uovo and Sentite.

W: And then there was Matthias Loibner playing some hurdy gurdy, if you saw that. And then once the programme began, we opened with an extract from The Curious Female from 1970 by Paul Rapp. Then All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey and Stan Brakhage by Conor Williams, 2015. Then Breaking the Law by Judas Priest, directed by Julien Temple from 1980. And then what did we see?

K: You also saw Witness (1 Hope) by Roots Manuva, 2001, directed by Mat Kirkby. And then you saw Rescued by Rover, directed by Cecil Hepworth, 1905.

W: And quite possibly, that was accompanied by some sort of live sound from William Fowler and Charlie Bligh.

K: You saw a side by side mash-up of Holidays by Michel Polnareff.

W: And then there was an extract from the episode of the Thames Television series Musical Triangles and this one was called Stockhausen and Percussion, featuring Trystan Fry and Tim Rice and that was from 1975 and it was directed by John Rhodes.

K: You then saw a clip from the film July by Darezhan Omirbayev from 1988.

W: And then Beat Dis by Bomb the Bass, their video from 1988. Then Duck Sauce, Mesmerise, 2020, by Keith Schofield. An extract of John Cage, talking about music recording. Then Harry Styles on the Today Show from 2007 in America, and then Broadcast and the Focus Group, 2009, directed by Julian House.

K: Then you saw Minnano Kodomochan’s The Final Blinkings, from 2021, directed by Q-CON SAIBAI.

W: Then there was a Dog Meeting TikTok.

K: Then you saw a clip from The Blue Mountain in the series Under the Same Sun, by Yorkshire Television.

W: OK, and then there was Vantaa by Erkka Nissenen, from 2008.

K: Then you saw Cozy Winter Lo-Fi Study Girl.

W: And then an extract from the TV play Verite, starring Tim Curry, from 1973, written by Howard Schuman. Then Eddy Grant’s Electric Avenue, from 1983, directed by Steve Barron, and then the Rubettes by the Auteurs, video, from 1999.

K: And then a YouTube lyric video to Janis Ian’s Days Like This, and an extract from Jamilia, a 1968 film directed by Sergei Yutkevich and Irina Poplavskaya. Emo Nose from Wong Ping, from 2015. An extract from Belovy by Viktor Kossakovsky from 1992.

W: And then an extract from Privilege by Peter Watkins from 1967, and finally…

K: And finally, When Life is Good Again by Dolly Parton.

W: And now us. Thanks for coming.

Total running time 110 mins

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