The Hidden Fortress (Relaxed Screening)

Japan 1958, 138 mins
Director: Akira Kurosawa

+ intro and discussion.

See the film that George Lucas drew inspiration from for the original trilogy in the Star Wars saga, in the first of two relaxed screenings in our Kurosawa season. At a time of war, two opportunistic peasants attempting to reach home find themselves caught up in a struggle to save a rebel princess. Kurosawa’s adventure features slapstick comedy, swordfights and more than a little double-crossing.

Selected and hosted by campaigner and creative Leo Capella.

Director: Akira Kurosawa
Production Companies: Toho Co. Ltd.

Toshiro Mifune (General Rokurota Makabe)
Misa Uehara (Princess Yuki)
Minoru Chiaki (Tahei)
Kamatari Fujiwara (Matakichi)
Takashi Shimura (General Izumi Nagakura)
Japan 1958
138 mins


As part of our Akira Kurosawa season in January and February we present two relaxed screenings which show core themes of honour and betrayal from in his work in very different ways.

Both films feature the legendary actor Toshiro Mifune with whom Kurosawa had a defining partnership in two different roles: wise rebel general and tragic war-hero turned villain. Both films also explore similar themes of honour amongst people and betrayal in different ways, whether through comic double crossing comedy or intense character driven tragedy.

The screenings have been selected by campaigner and creative Leo Capella (former Autism Access Specialist at the National Autistic Society). He will introduce each screening.

After each screening join us for a relaxed discussion in the Blue Room as we explore some of these themes. Leo Capella will host the discussion in conversation with Kurosawa season co-programmer, Ian Haydn-Smith.

We welcome your feedback on this screening.

BFI Southbank has been awarded the National Autistic Society’s Autism Friendly Award.

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Wednesday 8 Feb 18:20 NFT3

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