Time Bandits

UK 1981, 116 mins
Director: Terry Gilliam

+ intro and discussion

Terry Gilliam’s family-friendly adventure takes us into the world of Kevin, a young boy whose disillusionment with modern life creates a fascination with knights, kings and mythology. It’s a fascination that becomes reality when he is abducted by time-travelling bandits. Time Bandits explores the joys of finding community in unconventional places.

How many of us have wished to explore beyond our conception of space and time? Our Destination: Time Travel series of Relaxed Screenings invites you to explore new ways of thinking about time, its locations, its inhabitants, and its oddities. We will be focusing on two films that present radically different perspectives of time travel: the traditional fantasy of Time Bandits, and the revolutionary realism of
Run Lola Run. Both feature alienated protagonists that embrace their divergence, as their stories defy metaphysical conventions.

In our relaxed discussions, we will investigate how living with autism can provoke a desire to escape into alternative timelines, and how these films encourage our own ways of challenging our neurotypical world. Whether this is by escaping to Ancient Greece with a band of thieving dwarves, or by running across Berlin in multiple timelines to save a loved one, these screenings and discussions will provide a comfortable space to explore and understand neurodiversity beyond the logic of time and space.
Georgia Kumari Bradburn

The post-screening discussion will be led by filmmaker Georgia Kumari Bradburn of the Neurocultures Collective and the Autism Through Cinema Podcast

Director: Terry Gilliam
Production Company: Handmade Films
Producer: Terry Gilliam
Written by: Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam

Craig Warnock
David Rappaport
Michael Palin
John Cleese
Kenny Baker

UK 1981
116 mins

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