France 1967, 124 mins
Director: Jacques Tati

Monsieur Hulot finds himself lost in a futuristic Paris when he stumbles upon a great exhibition showcasing the latest in designs and gadgets. His encounters with an American tourist group and, in particular, a young woman named Barbara form the basis for Tati’s most memorable achievement. Using non-professional actors where possible, the filmmaker-star creates an ultra-modern world – the perfect environment for his physical comedy set-pieces.
Justin Johnson,

Filmed on a huge, complex set suggestive of the cool, vaguely dehumanising effects of technology and design on modern life, Jacques Tati’s masterpiece offers a low-key account of the bumbling Hulot’s experiences during one day in Paris. An office block of glass and steel becomes a boxed-in prison; a chaotic restaurant provides a memorably liberating opportunity for humanity to express itself.

‘Tati’s ruinously ambitious masterpiece starts as a satire of modern architecture and becomes a strangely beatific celebration of the way people move through public spaces. A film about minor embarrassments and fleeting connections between strangers, it begins in alienation and builds to a transcendent vision of communal harmony. Gruelling labour went into each seemingly effortless grace note, as Tati the performer drifts in aimless bewilderment through the world that Tati the director obsessively controls. In Playtime, the movie screen is an idealised public space in which Tati’s people demonstrate the joys of being one-dimensional.’ (Imogen Sara Smith)

‘There are plenty of films that offer a critique of technology and modernity. Yet, with his distinctive, meticulous mise en scène, which exploits depth of field in an unparalleled way, and his peculiar ‘downgrading’ of dialogue to a sound like any other, boosting the communicative role of the image, Tati does so in a unique and radical fashion.’ (Cristina Formenti)

‘One of the most ambitious films ever made.’ (Jai Arjun Singh)

Director: Jacques Tati
A Specta Films production
Producer for Specta Films: Bernard Maurice
Associate Producer: René Silvera
Unit Managers: Marc Goldstaub, Noële Mouton, Jacques Serres
Location Managers: Georges Houssaye, Guy Maugin, Robert Moussard, Henri Gansser
Production Administrator: Michel Chauvin
Assistant Directors: Henri Marquet, Nicolas Ribowsky, Jean Lefebvre, Akira Endo, Marie-France Siegler
Script Supervisors: Sylvette Baudrot, Lucille Costa, Marie-Thérèse Cabon
Original Screenplay by: Jacques Tati
Screenplay written with the artistic collaboration of: Jacques Lagrange
English Dialogue: Art Buchwald
Director of Photography: Jean Badal
Collaborating Director of Photography: Andréas Winding
Camera Operator: Paul Rodier
Collaborating Camera Operator: Marcel Franchi
Assistant Operator: René Schneider
Collaborating Assistant Operators: F. Doszpoly, J. Monseigny
Chief Electrician: Georges Ferrière
Stills Photography: André Dino, Jean-Louis Castelli, André Morain
Editor: Gérard Pollicand
Assistant Editors: Denise Giton, Sophie Tatischeff, J.F. Gallaud
Art Director: Eugène Roman
Art Department Collaborators: Jacques Paris, Jacques Brizzio, Jacques d’Ovidio, Théo Meurisse, Maurice Sergent
Properties: André Pierdel, Henri Berger, Jacques Preisach
Costumer: Jacques Cottin
Make-up: Serge Groffe, Igor Keldich
Hairdresser: Janou Pottier
Original Music by: Francis Lemarque
African Themes by: James Campbell
Music Arranger/Orchestra Conductor: François Rauber
Music Recording: Studio Davout (Paris)
Sound Supervisor: Jacques Maumont
Synchronisation: Claude Plouganou
Assistant Synchronisation: Daniele James
Stereo Sound Recording: SIMO (Paris)
Sound Editor: Maurice Laumain
Dialogue Recording: Paris-Studios-Cinéma
Music Publisher: Tutti et Specta

Jacques Tati (M. Hulot)
Barbara Dennek (young American)
Rita Maïden (girl with Mr Schulz)
France Rumilly (spectacles salesgirl)
France Delahalle (customer at Strand)
Valérie Camille (M. Lacs’ secretary)
Erika Dentzler (Madame Giffard)
Nicole Ray (singer)
Yvette Ducreux (cloakroom girl)
Nathalie Jem (customer at ‘Royal Garden’)
Jacqueline Lecomte (young American’s friend)
Oliva Poli, Alice Field, Sophie Wennek, Evy Cavallaro, Luce Bonifassy, Ketty France, Eliane Firmin-Didot (customers at ‘Royal Garden’)
Laure Paillette, Colette Proust (women with the lamp)
Billy Kearns (Mr Schulz)
Tony Andal (porter)
Yves Barsacq (friend)
André Fouché (manager of ‘Royal Garden’)
Georges Montant (M. Giffard)
Georges Faye (architect)
John Abbey (M. Lacs)
Reinhart Kolldehoff (German director)
Michel Francini (maître d’hôtel)
Grégorie Katz (German salesman)
Jack Gauthier (guide)
Henri Piccoli (important gentleman)
Léon Doyen (doorman)
François Viaur (unlucky waiter of ‘Royal Garden’)
Douglas Read, Bob Harley, Jacques Chauveau (customers at ‘Royal Garden’)
Gilbert Reeb (womanising waiter at ‘Royal Garden’)
Marc Monjou (the false Hulot)
Billy Bourbon (regular at the bar)
Daniel Emilfork (customer at ‘Royal Garden’) *
Peter Lennon (guide) *

France 1967
124 mins

* Uncredited

Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles
Wed 1 Mar 18:00; Thu 2 Mar 18:50; Sat 11 Mar 18:50
Philosophical Screens: Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles
Wed 1 Mar 21:30 Blue Room
Daisies (Sedmikrásky) + Meshes of the Afternoon
Wed 1 Mar 20:50; Wed 8 Mar 18:20 (+ intro)
Au hasard Balthazar
Thu 2 Mar 20:50; Mon 6 Mar 18:30
Taxi Driver
Thu 2 Mar 21:00 BFI IMAX; Fri 3 Mar 18:10; Mon 13 Mar 20:40
La Règle du jeu (The Rules of the Game)
Fri 3 Mar 14:30; Sat 4 Mar 13:20; Sat 11 Mar 18:05
Fri 3 Mar 18:30; Thu 9 Mar 21:05
Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Portrait de la jeune fille en feu)
Fri 3 Mar 20:30; Wed 8 Mar 20:30
Do the Right Thing
Fri 3 Mar 20:35; Sat 11 Mar 18:10
Singin’ in the Rain
Fri 3 Mar 20:40; Thu 9 Mar 18:10 (+ intro by Miles Eady, Film Writer and Curator); Tue 14 Mar 14:30
Man With a Movie Camera (Chelovek s kino-apparatom)
Sat 4 Mar 15:30; Sun 5 Mar 10:30 BFI IMAX; Thu 9 Mar 20:50
Sat 4 Mar 17:00; Sat 11 Mar 20:30
The Searchers
Sat 4 Mar 17:40; Tue 7 Mar 20:35
Seven Samurai (Shichinin no samurai)
Sat 4 Mar 18:50; Tue 14 Mar 18:40
Apocalypse Now: Final Cut
Sat 4 Mar 19:40; Sun 12 Mar 20:00 BFI IMAX
Tokyo Story (Tôkyô monogatari)
Sat 4 Mar 20:15; Fri 10 Mar 18:00; Wed 15 Mar 14:30
Sun 5 Mar 11:00; Sun 12 Mar 11:00
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
Sun 5 Mar 11:45; Mon 6 Mar 14:00; Mon 13 Mar 20:35
The Passion of Joan of Arc (La passion de Jeanne d’Arc)
Sun 5 Mar 14:00 (with live accompaniment); Wed 15 Mar 20:40 (with score)
Citizen Kane
Sun 5 Mar 16:15; Tue 7 Mar 20:30
Cléo from 5 to 7 (Cléo de 5 à 7)
Sun 5 Mar 17:45; Wed 8 Mar 21:00
2001: A Space Odyssey
Sun 5 Mar 19:00; Thu 9 Mar 18:00
Mon 6 Mar 20:30; Thu 9 Mar 14:30; Wed 15 Mar 18:10
In the Mood for Love (Fa yeung nin wah)
Mon 6 Mar 20:40; Fri 10 Mar 21:00; Sun 12 Mar 18:30
Late Spring (Banshun)
Mon 6 Mar 20:45; Tue 7 Mar 14:30; Sun 12 Mar 18:20
The Night of the Hunter
Tue 7 Mar 18:00; Sat 11 Mar 20:45
Mulholland Dr.
Tue 7 Mar 20:10; Tue 14 Mar 20:15
Beau Travail
Wed 8 Mar 14:30; Fri 10 Mar 20:45; Mon 13 Mar 18:20 (+ intro by Catherine Wheatley, Reader in Film Studies, King’s College London)
Close-Up (Nema-ye Nazdik)
Fri 10 Mar 18:30; Wed 15 Mar 20:50
The Godfather
Fri 10 Mar 19:00; Sun 12 Mar 18:15

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