Special People

UK 2007, 74 mins
Director: Justin Edgar

+ Q&A with director Justin Edgar and actors Dominic Coleman & David Proud

Enlisted to teach a class of wheelchair-users about filmmaking, neurotic Jasper gets a little more than he bargained for.

Hailed in The Guardian as a ‘milestone in mainstream cinema’, Special People is a British comedy from the pioneering production company 104 Films.

It questions condescending outreach projects, self-defeating attitudes within the disabled community and the vacuity of the film business, all with a sly wink and a healthy helping of self-parody. Contemporary censorship of its disability themes resulted in it receiving widespread press coverage.

Justin Edgar is an award-winning independent writer and director of four internationally acclaimed feature films for backers including Film4, Creative England and Pathé. His company 104 films worked on the BAFTA nominated Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and co-produced feature documentary Notes on Blindness which was nominated for three BAFTAs including Best British Film and I Am Breathing which won a Scottish BAFTA.

David Proud is an actor, writer and producer, and BAFTA BREAKTHROUGH artist for 2021. He is a core writer on ITV’s Coronation Street with more than 30 episodes to date. David founded the BFI Disability Advisory Group, and is a BAFTA Film committee member.

Dominic Coleman is an actor and writer. He is well known for his extensive career in both Film & TV including Paddington (2014), Yesterday (2019) and most recently Wonka (2023).

Clare Baines is the BFI’s Disability Equality Lead, writer, filmmaker and creator of the accessible podcast ‘Crip Club’.

Director: Justin Edgar
Production Company: 104 Films
Produced by: Alex Usborne, Justin Edgar
Written by: Dominic Coleman, Justin Edgar
Director of Photography: Zac Nicholson
Editor: Mark Burgess
Original Music Composed by: Kim Humphrey

Dominic Coleman (Jasper)
Robyn Frampton (Jess)
Jason Maza (Dave)
Sasha Hardway (Anais)
David Proud (Scott)

UK 2007
74 mins

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